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The McGuirt Family Web Site for Information & Genealogy Study


This web site is to put our family history on line and to search for our missing family history that is out there somewhere waiting to be found. If you have information on the McGuirt name please provide me with it or if you are looking for information on the McGuirt name click on the "Family Tree Chart" and you can see where my search has led me.

If you have information, or  any questions, please feel free to contact me.


McGuirt Name History

The Scottish family name McGuirt is an anglicized short form
of the Gaelic surname "MacMhuircheartaigh",
which is classified as being of patronymic origin. Those
ancestors of the McGuirt family living in the Highlands
or on the Hebrides island, spoke a language which is an
offshoot of the Irish tongue, which was introduced from
Ireland to Scotland circa 500 AD, developing into a
distinct Gaelic dialect by the thirteen century.

Scotland Flag

BLAZON OF ARMS: Or, on a fesse sable, between three hearts gules, as many pheans of the field.

CREST: A demi Savage, in the dexter hand a barbed arrow, and in sinister, a heart.

MOTTO: Via una, cor unum. (One way, one heart)<

ORIGIN: Scotland


Curtis McGuirt

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